OFF THE HOOK is a combination of a few very successful bands. The jelling of the rhythm section and the singers is unprecedented. Art Marzigliano Bass Player, Mike Pasco guitarist & background vocals, Anthony Biuso on Drums,  Laura Press on lead vocals,  David Roldan  on Keys.

 High energy and alot of fun. 


Arthur  Marzigliano - Bass guitar - General Manager 

Arty Marzigliano

Artie has been managing and booking bands successfully for the past 30 years. Starting with STIR CRAZY. A female fronted party band.  "Stir Crazy" has had a very steady run basically booked every weekend. Arty  has played with all the best musicians on Long Island.  After meeting the guys in another band,  they decided to change the name due to the comments from the crowd, " THESE GUYS ARE OFF THE HOOK."  Arty  uses a cordless system so he can be out in the crowd dancing with the fans and getting the people up and parting  going from the 1st song to the last. 

Mike Pasco - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Mike Pasco

Mike began his professional career with pop-rockers The Move, recording and playing clubs throughout the tri-state area. 

From My Fathers Place in Long Island to CBGB’s in New York City to Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ, finally signing with Cheryl Records.  Eventually Mike left to pursue a solo career writing, producing and recording his own material as 3D Music.  In the Nineties, Mike once again hit the road, this time with rockers Talon, recording and gigging all over the metropolitan area with a noticeable performance at New York’s China Club.  After several years of gigging the Long Island circuit with The Nuthin Fancy Band, Rockhouse, Little Rock, Cover-Up and The Down And Dirty Band, Mike found his home with Off The Hook where his funky guitar playing and gritty vocals are a perfect compliment.

Laura Press - Vocals, guitar

Laura Press - Vocals Rhythm Guitar

David Roldan - Keyboard

David is the new kid on the block. Starting as a classically trained pianist from 2008 to now, David's musical abilities are impeccable, and he has learned to become the kid with an old soul. He is also the youngest in the band that has played Broadway shows from 38th Street in Manhattan to various shows off-Broadway. With David's involvement in the Music Industry, he has an ear for developing realistic sounds straight out of his keyboard, especially from sounds from the 80s, to perform music just like the record, making the audience astonished by his sounds around Long Island. They even have a blast when he fires off a Synth Solo to make the audience rave!  

Anthony Biuso - Drums & Vocals

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The newest member of the band, Anthony Biuso. Anthony comes to us via Los Angeles. He was out in Cali for 25 years playing and touring 25 countries with bands like, t.s.o.l. , Dickies, the Bulletboys and 80 hair metal bands.  He has been an owner of The BOOM Room in LA. Anthony made an appearance in the movies Crank 2 and Bush Family Values. He also was a stunt man in a half dozen films. Anthony is definitely OFF THE HOOK.